Mental health care is the biggest public health issue facing Minnesota, affecting every family and community.

Across the state, our communities are struggling to meet the growing demand for mental health care services.

Too many people with mental illness and substance abuse disorders don’t receive the right care when they need it, where they need it. Patients facing a mental health crisis often have nowhere to turn, frequently ending up in overflowing emergency rooms or the criminal justice system.

In fact, 85% of Minnesotans believe mental health is a serious problem facing their community. Something needs to change.

Fortunately, Minnesota has an opportunity to drastically improve access to mental health care across the state.

The Minnesota State Legislature is considering the Excellence in Mental Health Act, which would allow Minnesota to qualify for a federal initiative to expand access to mental health care and substance abuse treatment by investing in community-based treatment centers.

With only two weeks left in session, it’s time to take action.

Minnesota must act this legislative session or lose the opportunity to be selected as a demonstration state. Before it’s too late, ask our state legislators to support funding the Excellence in Mental Health Act — and help us improve access, quality and coordination of mental health care for all Minnesotans by creating a “one-stop shop” for comprehensive mental health and addiction services.

One in four adults experiences mental illness in their lifetime.

Additional funding is needed to increase the capacity of our mental health care system throughout the state, including expanded access to community care and substance abuse treatment.

Half of all mental illness begins by age 14

In every corner of the state, from metro to rural, from large cities to small towns, hospitals, law enforcement and communities cannot meet the demand for mental health care services.

Minnesota’s legislators need to ensure mental health care funding remains a priority for the health of our state.

Invest in a community approach to mental health care

Expand Mental Health Services in Minesota

A responsible state budget ensures Minnesotans receive the care they need by investing in better, more integrated mental health and addiction treatment solutions in our communities. Let’s ensure Minnesota has sufficient resources to address the most critical issue facing our communities today. That’s good for our families. And that’s smart policy hospitals and health systems support.


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